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Statistics.Com began offering online courses in statistics in 2002, and now provides approximately 100 courses each year. Topics include a full sequence of introductory statistics courses, bridge courses to more advanced topics, and courses in biostatistics, predictive modeling, text mining, business analytics, survey statistics, and statistical programming in R, Python and SQL. has over 50 instructors, who are recruited based on their expertise in various areas in statistics (most are the authors of well-regarded texts in their area). Senior faculty who have made important contributions to the field of statistics or online education in statistics (each with over five years of teaching experience online at advises the president on curriculum and standards.

Courses are scheduled for specific calendar periods (3 or 4 weeks), but do not require students to be online at particular times. Students discuss statistical questions with the instructor via a private class discussion forum, teaching assistants offer feedback on homework assignments (most of which involve the use of statistical software), and administrative staff handle student services and inquiries by email or phone.

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