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SpaceTEC® is the National Science Foundation's National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education offering national certification by examination to eligible applicants in the field of aerospace technology. The Center operates through a broad national partnership composed of ten community colleges and a major university, with support from more than 50 government and industry organizations with direct participation in aerospace. SpaceTEC® was formed to support the career technician through postsecondary institutions by promoting the common interests of both employers and employees of the U.S. aerospace industry in five areas: (1) promote ethical standards within the aerospace workforce; (2) identify and promulgate industry-based national skill standards for aerospace technicians; (3) foster the study of aerospace technology and its applications in the American workplace; (4) encourage personal and professional development for faculty; and (5) support personal and career development and employment activities for aerospace technicians nationally.

Aerospace technicians manufacture, assemble, service, test, operate, maintain, or repair systems associated with expendable and reusable launch vehicles, payloads, related laboratories, and ground support equipment. The SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace TechnicianT examination is designed to verify the proficiency of technicians in industry-endorsed core competencies covering the aerospace disciplines required for entry-level work and three technical concentrations for more advanced employees. It is administered by trained examiners at SpaceTEC® partner sites nationwide and is available for military personnel through DANTES centers worldwide. Successful candidates earn the SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician™ certificates recognized by the aerospace industry.

Source of Official Student Records:   SpaceTEC®, Mail Code: SpaceTEC®, Kennedy Space Center, Florida 32899, (321) 730-1020, Fax: (321) 476-5335; e-mail
Retake Policy:   The SpaceTEC7reg;© testing requirements are documented in training manuals used to qualify proctors and certified examiners for the program. Retakes are discouraged without intervention to correct deficiencies and are limited by exam element to minimize the impact to both the candidate and the examiner. If a candidate fails the oral and/or practical three times, he/she must wait 24 months from the last attempt before another attempt and must retake all three parts of the entire exam.


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