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AlignDegree Services LLC

AlignDegree Services, located in Bloomington, Illinois, (formerly operating as WorkWorld Learning, Inc. and DreamDegree Academics, LLC) offers online courses for individuals who are pursuing higher education goals, or seeking to advance their work and professional skills.

Specifically, AlignDegree Services, LLC courses relate to academic areas and subjects commonly included in general education and lower division baccalaureate studies at U.S. universities. Our courses address life and workplace issues through a perspective of theory and academic inquiry as well as practice. Learning resources include e-textbooks, access to Web library resources, and interactions with instructors who have academic credentials at the master's degree or doctoral degree level-and broad workplace experience. An accessible, responsive learning management platform allows for discussion and ability to incorporate personal and social media into the learning process.

AlignDegree Services, LLC courses are six-to-eight weeks long, designed specifically for adult learners, and offered asynchronously. An instructor guides students who enroll on a self-paced basis or as part of a group. The self-paced approach allows highly motivated, independent learners to begin a course at any time and complete it in less than six weeks, if desirable or, to take eight weeks to complete a course at a slower pace.

At the heart of AlignDegree Services' mission is a commitment to provide online learning opportunities that allow individuals to earn credits applicable in bachelor's degree studies, increase knowledge of academic theory and practice, improve performance, stimulate personal growth, advance career goals, and encourage leadership through life-long learning. In pursuing this mission AlignDegree Services, Inc. offers high quality, affordable courses and opportunities to engage with diverse colleagues and instructors who are trained in online learning practices.



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