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the National Guide : to College Credit for Workforce Training

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CollegePlus is a distance learning program that helps college students earn college credits by exam and online courses. Established in 2004, CollegePlus has enrolled thousands of students in the program as a precursor to their online or on-campus degree studies. CollegePlus has developed relationships with regionally accredited state and private colleges and is partnered with many student organizations across the country.

Source of Official Student Records:   All course records are protected in a secure learning management system maintained by CollegePlus staff. The information housed here includes the student's name, course title, course enrollment and completion dates, and final course grade. All course grades are archived digitally and are valid for ten years.
How Results are Reported:   Upon completion of the exam, candidates log into the learning management system using their assigned username and password. The student's course grade is immediately available on the learning management system gradebook page. Students should select the course tab and gradebook from the menu options to access their course grade. If desired, candidates are able to print a score from this site by right-clicking anywhere on the gradebook page. They should select "Open in New Tab/Window" and select File, (and) print in the new tab or window. Rating turn-around is immediate.
Retake Policy:   Students may retake a course six months after failing or withdrawing from the same course. Students may only retake a course once.


  • Click the name of a course/exam to see the course/exam description.
  • Click a column header to sort the results by that column (ascending or descending order).
  • Click the checkbox of one or more courses to generate a printer-friendly list of selected courses/exams.