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VA Acquisition Academy

The Veteran Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) is a training organization created to strengthen the acquisition workforce by training the entire acquisition team to include contracting professionals, program and project managers, contracting officer's representatives, facilities managers, and supply chain managers and logisticians using a holistic, competency-based, experiential training model. The academy was launched in 2008 to address the growing acquisition workforce challenge facing the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Federal Government overall. With the downsizing from the last decade and the loss of institutional knowledge resulting from baby-boomer retirements, the acquisition workforce has been strained to keep pace with the increased amount of acquisitions and the complexities associated with outsourced work in support of the VA mission. In addition, oversight of the acquisition function across the entire Federal Government has grown dramatically in recent years. The academy is a fully-developed training institution, based on applied learning and result outcomes that strives to be the career development academy of choice that prepares, enables, and inspires higher performing acquisition professionals and organizations for better mission results.

The Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) is an Authorized Instructional Site for Northwest Procurement Institute, Inc.

Source of Official Student Records:   All participant records are maintained in the VA Talent Management System (TMS) including: name of participant, date of capstone completion (assessment), and certification status. All assessment materials are securely, digitally archived and protected behind firewalls with access limited only to staff members with a vetted need. Per policy, records are maintained for a minimum of three years.
How Results are Reported:   Within 72 hours of capstone completion, the vendor forwards VAAA a list of participants who have successfully passed; these names are uploaded into the TMS for processing and reporting, or in the event of failure, flagged for remediation through an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Successfully remediated participants are given an opportunity to re-test after the elapse of 60 days. The VAAA then forwards the names of all participants who have successfully completed the capstone to the applicable Acquisition Career Managers for granting of certification at the requisite Entry, Mid, and Senior levels.
Retake Policy:   There is a 60-day retest policy in effect.


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