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SOPHIA Learning, LLC

Sophia Pathways for College Credit (SPCC) is a self-paced program that offers students online college courses at a significant savings versus traditional college classes.

SPCC lets students take control of their education by earning college credits on their own time, at their own pace, and with a learning model that works for their individual learning style. Each course features SOPHIA's Many Ways to LearnĀ®; model where individual concepts are taught by a variety of different instructors each with their individual style, so students can choose one that works best for them. SPCC courses are priced significantly below traditional university alternatives, to help students achieve their goal of completing their degree without the burden of excessive debt.

SPCC was developed by, a social education platform that empowers students to learn in their own way, puts college students on a path to a lower-cost degree, and helps teachers to innovate. For information, call 1-800-341-0327 or visit us on the web at the URL below.

Sophia is a participant in the Alternative Credit Project (ACPE) and submitted and received approval for 4 courses to be a part of the program. Eligible courses are denoted with an asterisk (*) at the end of the course title. Sophia's accepted ACPE courses are noted with the following number format: ACPE-0000, with numbers ranging from 0001 to 0138. To guarantee transfer of credit a student must select the ACPE version of the course found under "Alternative Credit Project Ecosystem" in the National Guide.

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Retake Policy:   Students are allowed one retake per unit.


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