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Scientific Management Techniques, Inc

Scientific Management Techniques (SMT), established in 1971, is a global leader in manufacturing skills training and manufacturing skill assessments. Our manufacturing skill programs are deployed by Fortune 500 Manufacturing organizations in thirty-seven countries. Since 2010 our programs are also available for the formal education market. We currently partner with schools in nineteen states.

Our programs improve both employment and manufacturing performance by increasing the skill level of the manufacturing workforce.

Our "Hands-On Performance-Driven" industrial skill assessment machines are used to identify and measure the skills required to optimize manufacturing performance across a wide variety of industrial platforms. This scientific-based, data-driven program simplifies the hiring process. The solution lowers the risk and cost of hiring and aligns the hiring process with industrial Lean/TPM initiatives. The Assessment Machines and Protocols are used in the hiring process globally for the selection and evaluation of maintenance mechanics, machine operators, industrial electricians, PLC technicians, electro-mechanical personnel, process control technicians, and CNC operation personnel. Many industrial organizations use the program to assess their incumbent workforce and deliver targeted skills training based on the assessment data/results. We have over four decades of data and thirty-eight validation studies confirming the efficacy of this process.

Our Mechatronics Training Program trains the "hard skills" required to operate, maintain and troubleshoot a modern manufacturing facility. Troubleshooting skills are the focus, the heart and soul, of the curriculum. The training program is a hands-on, 100% demand-driven program. The curriculum has been designed through close collaboration with our global manufacturing clients. These manufacturing leaders possess an in-depth understanding of the skills required to optimize performance - these are the skills we train to. The program incorporates the use of over 200 hands-on training aids. We teach the theory, and directly apply the theory with the training aids that replicate conditions on the production floor.



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