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Association of College and University Educators (ACUE)

The Association of College and University Educators' (ACUE) course in Effective Teaching Practices (The Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) is a comprehensive methods class for college educators preparing to design and teach college-level courses. This online course is led by an expert in college instruction and requires approximately 100 hours to complete. Part of this time is required to engage with 25 video-rich online modules which address the foundational pedagogical knowledge and skills needed to teach at the college level. College instructors then spend approximately 25 hours planning and implementing the evidence-based teaching practices presented in the online modules and 50 hours completing required course readings and assignments. Course assignments require the development of course documents including class session plans, syllabi, learning outcomes, and assessment plans; written reflections on the experience of implementing evidence-based instructional practices, and a Teaching E-Portfolio including course documents, reflections and a personal teaching philosophy synthesizing learning from the course.

This course addresses a sizable, unmet need across all of higher education. College instructors are fully prepared to become experts in their discipline and research methods, yet few receive formal and comprehensive training to effectively teach at the college-level. ACUE's course in The Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education meets this need. The course includes 25 on-line learning modules with research supporting references to prepare college educators to implement evidence-based teaching practices in the classroom while developing a deep understanding of the learning science and pedagogical research support for those practices.

ACUE's mission is to ensure that all college students receive the caliber of instruction they need to be successful, through the comprehensive preparation of college educators in the evidence-based teaching practices shown to help students succeed. ACUE was founded by higher education leaders to address the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student body, the rising number of contingent faculty, and the growing scrutiny about the value of a college education. ACUE believes that institutions must focus on the critical role that effective instruction plays in improving student outcomes - specifically, increasing retention and graduation rates. ACUE ‘s course in The Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education was designed to meet standards established by our founders, specifically to be of the highest quality, research based, comprehensive, and scalable, to support faculty and institutions nationwide.



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