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Bottega LLC

Bottega is a competency-based school providing blended learning opportunities for adult learners. Bottega provides full stack development certifications and advanced opportunities for students through specific pathways into industry by shortening the time to obtain employable skills. Our mission is to provide excellent software development curriculum in HTML, JS, CSS, Ruby, TypeScript, Python, React, and GitHub, with other relevant development tracks. Students receive certifications of competency based on their successful completion of curriculum and correlating industry-level projects.

The Bottega story began in 2010 as BusinessFormat Inc., with the obtainment of post-secondary accreditation through the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). In 2013 the NWAC was acquired by AdvancED and prompted a shift for the organization. In 2014 additional accreditation was achieved for the institution with a corporate systems accreditation to add to the post-secondary recognition. Bottega has recently completed it's third accreditation review and maintains excellent status as an accredited institution.

In 2016, Bottega acquired the platform and curriculum library. Devcamp has had over 30,000 students purchase its curriculum since 2013 and provides the learning management system that the Bottega utilizes for all programs, certifications, and courses.

Source of Official Student Records:   All test records are maintained in the proprietary Learning Management System and complimentary Database including: name of candidate, course progression and detail, assessment results, and final rating. All test materials are digitally archived, and results are valid for two years.
How Results are Reported:   The Bottega grading rubrics includes summative and formative results from the students. Daily assignments, group projects, personal project, and assessments make up the students scoring and final rating. Instructors provide additional detail of the students overall understanding and ability based on the understanding of students cognitive ability.
Retake Policy:   There is a course retest policy in effect. Students are given additional time to complete the course until proficiency is proven.


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