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Prism Career Institute

The PJA School's educational objective is to teach students the skills that will allow them to work as entry-level paraprofessionals. This entails imparting theory, presenting practical skills, and giving background enrichment.

The PJA School provides a Paralegal Including Computer Applications Program designed to educate students for employment as entry-level paralegals, as well as a Para-Accountant Specialist Program designed to educate students for employment as entry-level para-accountants. Paralegals are skilled paraprofessionals who assist attorneys, while para-accountants are skilled paraprofessionals who assist certified public accountants. Additionally, the school offers a Computerized Office Specialist Program and a Legal Secretary Program.

The school also offers three Associate in Specialized Business Degree Programs: Legal/Accounting Professional, Paralegal and Business and Accounting Specialist. Each of these programs entails 1,500 classroom hours and combines job-specific training and general studies.

The programs have been licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education Board of Private Licensed Schools and accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology.

The PJA School employs a faculty of practicing attorneys, certified public accountants, and computer professionals. The faculty is evaluated by students at the end of each class.

The PJA School conducts extensive student evaluations consisting of both periodic examinations and written assignments. These evaluations are designed to test the student's retention of theory and terminology as well as to monitor the student's practical skills.



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