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Defense Threat Reduction Agency

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is dedicated to reducing the threat to the United States and its allies from nuclear, chemical, biological, conventional, and special weapons. DTRA executes technology security activities; cooperative threat reduction programs; arms control treaty monitoring and on-site inspection; force protection; and nuclear, biological, and chemical defense and counterproliferation. The Agency supports the U.S. nuclear deterrent and provides technical support on weapons of mass destruction matters to Department of Defense organizations.

The On-Site Inspection Activity Directorate of DTRA provides U.S. policy-makers with arms control treaties implementation expertise, compliance information, and related services to advance U.S. national security. DTRA organizes, trains, equips, and provides infrastructure support to lead and conduct inspections, audits, and monitoring to verify treaty compliance. It assists in preparations for national compliance; escorts foreign entities conducting arms control activities at U.S. facilities; and provides linguistic and technical expertise to a range of international, security, cooperation, and negotiation activities. The Operations Support Division's Treaty and Language Services Branch administers DTRA's Treaty Orientation Program.



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