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Verity College Education

Established in 2001, Verity Institute was founded to disciple college students to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ as they pursue excellence in their studies. Verity helps students avoid the pitfalls of traditional college campuses such as non-Christian professors, secular humanism, and loose campus morals.

In our innovative, 21-month program, Verity students complete a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree through an outside, fully-accredited university at a fraction of the cost for traditional higher education. In keeping with the broader goals of Verity Institute, Verity Music seeks to integrate God's truth ("verity") into every area of life and learning through the study of music.

The education and advisement of the music department will be informed by a Biblical understanding of the nature of man and his standing before God. It will be the goal of the instructors to strengthen students spiritually as well as musically.



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