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Fire Department of New York City

The New York City Fire Department is the nation's largest and busiest fire department, serving the needs of over 8 million citizens and visitors throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Employing more than 14,240 uniformed and 1,463 civilian employees, it ensures the safety and quality of life of the city by the protection life and property from fire, immediate health threats, and other emergencies.

The Bureau of Training, located at the New York City Fire Academy on Randall's Island, is responsible for formulating and conducting all formal training programs within the department. The numerous training facilities at the Fire Academy provide optimum training to all firefighters in fire suppression, investigation, prevention, and education. The Fire Academy also provides training to other city agencies and to all newly promoted career fire officers from throughout New York State.

In addition to the extensive entry level training, Peace Officer, Vehicle Extrication, Collapse, Confined Space Rescue, CPR, and Certified First Responder/Defibrillation. Supervision and management are through the First Line Supervisors Training Program, Fire Marshal's Training Program and the Chief's Command Course. All line units are regularly brought out to the academy for evaluation and specialized training.



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