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Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship

The Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship at the Paul Hall Maritime Center, founded in 1967, provides academic and career programs for boatmen and unlicensed seafarers. The purpose of the school is to train, guide, and encourage young people to pursue careers on the seas or on America's network of inland and coastal waterways, as well as to upgrade seafarers and boatmen to higher ratings. A joint board of trustees representing private American ship owners and the Seafarers International Union administers the School.

The school conducts both vocational and academic programs. Vocational programs are developed and expanded as changes in industry or in Coast Guard regulations occur. The academic program consists of an adult basic education program, a high school equivalency program, and a two-year college program.

The courses listed below are part of the training of the unlicensed and upgrading vocational courses. Many of the courses include hands-on, simulators, and classroom instruction in the school's laboratories.

Source of Official Student Records:   Director of Vocational Education, Seafarers Harry Lundeberg, School of Seamanship at the Paul Hall Maritime Center, P.O. Box 75, Piney Point, MD 20674-0075.


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