ACE: American Council on Education, CREDIT: College Credit Recommendation Service

Reviews Course or Exam Reviews

ACE CREDIT employs a team of esteemed faculty evaluators from relevant academic disciplines to thoroughly review courses requested by organizations. Since 1978, this CREDIT Content Review Committee (CCRC) has been making credit equivalency recommendations that courses and exams may garner upon transference into degree programs. Such credit would be awarded solely at the discretion of the college or university.

The typical review process transitions through the following stages:

  1. You review and understand the criteria to determine eligibility to participate (PDF), fees (PDF), and handbook (PDF)
  2. You submit a concise course description (as outlined in the handbook) to for each course you would like reviewed
  3. If the CCRC notifies you that your courses will be reviewed, then you submit all necessary application materials (PDF) and fees
  4. Upon receipt of these items, we will provide you a cost proposal for your review and approval
  5. Upon acceptance of our cost proposal, an ACE National Coordinator will then contact you to schedule a pre-evaluation site approximately 3-4 weeks prior to your review
  6. With our guidance, you schedule and prepare for your review day
  7. Post-review, you enroll all successful adult learners in our Transcript Service

Upon successful completion of the review and recommendation, if awarded, then your CREDIT-recommended courses will be listed in our National Guide for the three-year validity of your credit recommendations.

After reviewing the steps above, then you're ready to contact us to review your organization's programs.

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