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American Bankers Association

The American Bankers Association (ABA) is the leading trade association in the financial services industry and has represented the interests of the banking industry in the United States continuously since 1875.

The association serves its members through government-relations activities, communication to, and on behalf of, the industry, and education and training services. Within the ABA, the Professional Development Group develops and oversees a variety of educational programs. ABA Facilitated Online courses lead to a number of industry-respected diplomas and certificates including the General Banking, Consumer Lending, Commercial Lending, and the Banking and Finance Diplomas, among others. In addition, selected courses meet educational requirements for professional certification through ABA's Institute of Certified Bankers.

ABA Facilitated Online courses are developed and delivered by the ABA, with course registration managed by Local ABA Training Providers, in addition to ABA. ABA Facilitated Online courses use textbooks and other training materials developed by ABA's Professional Development Group and other industry experts. Recognized banking experts are used as authors and reviewers of textbooks and other instructional materials. All texts and other materials go through a thorough review process to ensure accuracy, currency and comprehensiveness.

Participants in ABA Facilitated Online courses are targeted primarily at entry-level to mid-level bankers. However, several courses have been developed for senior-level bankers. Instructors for ABA Facilitated Online courses are selected on the basis of their banking knowledge, demonstrated ability to teach and mentor, academic and professional accomplishment, and positive attitude toward teaching and working with adult students.



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