Join the Alternative Credit Project™ Ecosystem
Interested in joining the growing list of college, university and system partners with a strong commitment to access and attainment who have already joined the Alternative Credit Project™?

The American Council on Education (ACE) received a grant from the Gates Foundation in 2014 to create a national alternative credit ecosystem—the Alternative Credit Project™—to encourage greater acceptance of alternative credit and a more flexible pathway towards postsecondary education attainment for students who may have some college credit but no degree.

If your institution can commit to accept a large number of the courses from this project for transfer credit based upon ACE’s credit recommendations and agree to visibly communicate acceptance of those courses to potential students, you can apply to join the Alternative Credit Project™ ecosystem and be listed on the project website as a participating institution.

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Complete the form below and ACE staff will follow-up with you directly about your application.

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Are you a senior-level representative who has the authority to submit this application for your institution, and who is positioned to play a key role in implementing this project at your institution?
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If selected to participate, ACE will provide you with the ACE credit recommendation, course syllabus, and completed course quality rubric for all courses in the project. Your institution will be asked to review the courses and determine which courses you will accept for transfer credit and identify the corresponding courses at your institution for which you will grant transfer credit to a student upon transfer to your institution.
What conversations have you already had with the appropriate stakeholders on your campus (e.g. faculty senate, general studies committee, registrar's office, etc.) to ensure buy-in for participating in this project?

Important Note: This application does not constitute an offer to contract nor does it create an obligation of any kind on the part of ACE. Institutions will be chosen by ACE in its sole discretion. ACE assumes no liability for any costs or expenses incurred by institutions in response to this application.