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Berlitz International, Inc.

Berlitz International, Inc. is the world's oldest and largest organization exclusively devoted to language instruction and related services such as cross cultural training. It teaches language to the broadest possible range of students. Berlitz has served the international community for over 130 years. It pioneered the "Direct Method" of language instruction, and Berlitz's distinctive form of that method has become its hallmark. The essential principle of the Berlitz Method is that one learns to speak a language by speaking it. From the moment the student begins the course, the target language is used exclusively in class. Everything from vocabulary to grammatical structures is presented so that it is immediately understood as it is presented in context, using material that has already been taught. This building block approach ensures that the students think directly in their new language at all times. In a Berlitz lesson, a continuous exchange occurs between the teacher and students, and the students speak at least half the time, often leading the conversation. This ensures that the students have sufficient practice to develop an active command of the language to reach their communicative goals.

Berlitz instructors have native fluency in the languages they teach. In North America, there is a network of local and district managers who ensure that the quality of Berlitz language services remains uniformly high, and they, in turn, report to the International Headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey as a final quality check. Berlitz courses can be taken throughout the United States and the world.



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