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Saylor Academy

The Saylor Academy was started in 2008. Since then we have amassed a library of over 300 courses and constructed many career-centered programs, created by over 500 instructors that support millions of students. The site averages over 200,000 hits per month, which we believe demonstrates the high level of interest in this model. Our unique competency-based platform, coupled with our partnerships, makes our content offerings unique and well positioned in a confusing market. The Saylor Academy's mission is to remove the barriers of cost, geography, and time; enable the underemployed to reach a higher standard of living; provide a pathway for the dreamers to immerse themselves in advanced fields of science and technology; and guide the transformers to a more fulfilling career.

Organization Contact: Saylor Academy, 2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 850, Arlington, VA 22201, email:

Source of Official Student Records:   All test records are maintained through Saylor Academy's Moodle testing platform. Test records include student name, time and date taken, testing duration, and question by question scoring.
How Results are Reported:   Upon exam completion, students are immediately presented with their test score.
Retake Policy:   Students may retake exams following a 14-day waiting period.


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