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Alternative Credit Project Ecosystem

The Alternative Credit Project offers a pool of low-cost or no-cost, lower division courses and general education online courses across 20 to 30 subject areas. Participating colleges and universities agree to accept transfer credit for these courses, allowing students to enroll with up to two years of credit toward a four-year degree.

The Alternative Credit Project aims to help students for whom the traditional higher education framework is not a feasible option, perhaps due to lifestyle concerns, financial restrictions, or time constraints, as well as for students returning to school after an extended period away from the classroom.

The Alternative Credit Project incorporates 7 unique and highly reputable organizations that provide low- or no-cost courses online. Providers submitted courses for ACE to review. All courses had to meet stringent quality and instructional design criteria that lead to positive learning outcomes for online students. From the process, ACE approved 111 courses from the providers. Approved courses are listed below with more information on assessment method, learning outcomes, dates offered, and other relevant course information.

To learn more about the Alternative Credit Project visit the website provided below.



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