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ESI International

ESI International was founded in 1981 to provide training and consulting services to government and industry professionals in the fields of public contracting and administration, contract accounting, information systems, and project management. During the 1980s, ESI announced its first professional development program developed in conjunction with The George Washington University. Since then, ESI and The George Washington University have introduced four complete curricula that offer results-oriented education leading to Master's Certificates in Core Project Management, Information Technology Project Management, Government Contracting or Commercial Contract Management.

These curricula, and a wide range of complementary courses, are offered directly to the public at ESI's state-of-the-art training centers in Washington, D.C., and at more than 1,000 other locations in the United States and around the globe. In 2002, ESI held nearly 3,900 classes with more than 74,000 attendees worldwide. Each class brings together a cross-section of individuals with varying levels of experience and diverse talents. ESI's courses are dynamic, thorough, and practical. In addition to lecture, they feature up-to-date interactive teaching methods, including case studies, team projects, simulations, and role-playing. Participants learn to apply their learning in realistic situations that intertwine technical, economic, and human resources issues.

ESI's online courses provide students with the same outstanding quality as classroom courses via the web to deliver depth, focus, flexibility, and personal attention for the exceptional learning experience. ESI uses the communication power of the Internet to optimize the impact of course content, and each student is the personal responsibility of a skilled instructor.

ESI's more than 200 instructors have been carefully chosen through one of the most rigorous selection processes in the industry. All have distinguished themselves as faculty members of The George Washington University, members of the business community, or experienced managers in the private and public sectors. They teach project management and procurement in a way that is dynamic and engaging and, most important, highly effective in boosting job performance. For most of these individuals, procurement or project management has been a career-long focus. Classroom instruction is both a way of sharing acquired expertise and a vehicle for continuing to develop in their chosen professions. When not teaching, ESI's instructors are busy reviewing recent government regulations, court case decisions, articles printed in trade journals, and other public materials.



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