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Fire and Rescue Training Institute, University of Missouri

The University of Missouri Extension Division's Fire and Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI) is the state fire training system in Missouri, providing a broad range of training programs and courses for fire fighters, rescue workers, business and industry fire brigades and rescue teams and allied emergency service personnel. MU FRTI is also the official point of contact in Missouri for the National Fire Academy (NFA) assisting Missourians opportunities to attend NFA courses in the state and four state regions.

MU FRTI delivers approximately 700 courses annually to over 14,000 public and private responders. Since 1933 an integral part of the MU Extension mission has been to teach "modern methods of fighting fires." For more than 80 years the fire training program has been an authority for, and an unbiased source of information, firefighting and rescue techniques and technology, training and education.



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