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U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center

The U.S Army Combat Readiness Center (USACRC) Safety Team provides the Army with safety and risk management expertise to preserve readiness through the prevention of accidental loss of our Soldiers, Civilians, Families and vital resources. Our education and training mission is to train our Army's Soldiers and civilians in the process and execution of a proactive safety program and the implementation of risk management to ensure mission accomplishment and the preservation of resources and lives.

The USACRC Training Directorate provides three comprehensive educational and training programs that prepare Career Program 12 civilian intern safety and occupational health professionals, Aviation Safety Officers, and Additional Duty Ground Safety Officers for challenging safety and occupational health assignments at Army installations and organizations world-wide. In addition, the USACRC provides numerous safety and occupational health distance learning courses for Soldiers, Army civilians, and safety professionals to enhance their SOH knowledge base and prepare them for career certification.

Delivered in modern classrooms and across leading-edge digital platforms, USACRC courses are designed to strengthen and test student technical capabilities in real-world scenarios. Graduates of the USACRC training programs received Career Program 12 Safety and Occupational Health certification or military additional skill identifiers that designate them as trained safety professionals. The training programs are fully accredited by the Training and Doctrine Command, certified by the American National Standards Institute, and reviewed and assessed by the American Council on Education.



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