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Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

The Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute of the University of Maryland at College Park was initiated in 1930 to meet the need for formalized fire service training. The Institute's role has been expanded through legislative action to be the state's comprehensive training and education system for emergency services.

The central administration facilities and training academy are located at the flagship campus in College Park, with six regional training facilities positioned around the state. Fifty-four full-time faculty/staff and more than 500 part-time field instructors serve more than 35,000 students per year, acquiring more than 1,000,000 student hours of course work.

Programs range from basic firefighter training to upper-level management with specialization in areas such as emergency medical services, hazardous materials, and other contemporary subjects. The Institute provides education and training to career and volunteer fire service students as well as industrial and commercial clients seeking professional-level instruction that meets state and federal regulations.

Many of the Institute's developmental courses lead to certification under the National Fire Protection Association's Professional Qualifications Standards. All courses are developed by a professional team meeting contemporary standards and are subject to regular review and enhancement. Testing procedures and examination validity are consistent with current educational and legal requirements of the University of Maryland.



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