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Use the ACE CREDIT® Registry and Transcript System to maintain an account of your ACE-reviewed training or order an official ACE transcript. The ACE CREDIT Registry and Transcript System is only for adult learners that have successfully completed:

  Courses and examinations through ACE CREDIT Evaluated Organizations or
  CEU requirements for IACET Authorized Providers that participate in the ACE CEU Transcript Service.

Check to see if your completed course or examination has been reviewed by ACE CREDIT for a college credit recommendation or carries the IACET CEU requirement.

If you are new to the ACE CREDIT Registry and Transcript Site and have completed a course or exam with any of the following organizations, please click here for additional instructions:

  American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Inc. (ACTFL)
  Element K
  National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
  Walt Disney

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